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About the Shop

About Us

We are the Mystical Bookshop. We are an empowering entity existing both online and in person. Inspired by real life, we seek to help others find their path. Wendy Feltner, our CEO, personally designs and creates products informed by you, our customers, our friends and our community. We are a destination that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to be human in our digitally immersed world.

Meet our team

This is us. If you’re ever in Florida, USA… come for a visit!

Wendy & David

Wendy Feltner

CEO & Creative Director

Wendy L. Feltner is a natural healer and an attuned practitioner of holistic principles. Whether inspiring growth in others or finding paths to empower herself and others, she makes it her daily goal to bring enrichment and enlightenment to all lives she touches.

Wendy has spent the last nine years pursuing her own healing and spiritual foundation. She brings thoughtful and insightful leadership, hard work, and humor to everything and everyone she meets.

Utilizing her spiritual tools, including Reiki, chakra attunement, crystal therapy, and ancient medicinal practices, she helps others cope with various physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments.

Wendy helps others to discover new paths, improve their lives, and find joy. Wendy is a certified Reiki practitioner, ordained minister and animal lover.

Our tarot reader Jessica Camacho, local artist Danielle Quina, Wendy & David
Mystical Bookshop (Outside)
Mystical Bookshop (Inside) & Merlin

David Kaplan

President & Engineer

David Kaplan, CPC has spent the last 20 years pursuing spiritual growth. He has made it his life’s mission to help others, and now brings his experience and wisdom to you.

Through different approaches, David helps bring clarity, peace, and serenity. His experienced guidance and foundation building will help you establish your own path to realize your greatest vision.

In contemporary society, we all struggle with the expectations imposed upon us by family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. With hard work and persistence, David works to help others find and stay on their natural path.

Leaving the corporate world after 25 years, David has made it his mission to help others. He is a certified life coach (CPC), certified Reiki practitioner  and is pursuing a degree in psychology at Harvard University.

Our Store

The thing that make us special.


We believe that community is the spiritual foundation in which all of our principles are based on. Without the support of our community, there is no success in life.


Seeking a higher meaning in all things is essential to the continued forward movement through life.


Sharing our experiences, strength and hope is how we derive the energy we need to exist in this complex universe. Providing texts filled with the experiences of others brings us immense pleasure.


Our products and prices are designed to be affordable. We believe that providing quality products at a fair price is much more important than cutting corners or taxing our customers' budgets.